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I don’t wear much makeup but when I go out I think wearing colorful eyeshadow or bright lipstick can be super fun. I usually purchase the same brands over and over again because I am careful about the ingredients and effects anything that touches me has on my skin.


  1. Posted by dass2347, — Reply

    why cant my eyes look like that :')

  2. Posted by yourmomsleftarm, — Reply

    This is really pretty

  3. Posted by pineappleskeletonwhovianis, — Reply

    @_childrenofthesun_ on insta

  4. Posted by fishgirl200, — Reply

    Brown eyes are prettier

  5. Posted by modernpersonality, — Reply

    it looks great still!

  6. Posted by toystoreworkeripromise, — Reply

    They are so pretty!!!

  7. Posted by modernpersonality, — Reply

    so pretty!!

  8. Posted by McCollum27, — Reply

    Pretty eye

  9. Posted by modernpersonality, — Reply


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